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EA Masters
EA Masters

EA Masters was built in Ankara by Erman Aydöner. It has been moved to İstanbul in 2016 and giving music mixing / mastering services since then.


The studio is specially designed to work in these fields and critical listening. Merging Technologies AD/DA converters are used with Pyramix as the main DAW. All cabling in the studio was done using Sommer Cable cables. There are many choices of high end analog and dijital processors from manufacturers like Avalon, Manley, Summit, Drawmer, etc... Main listening system is build around Bowers&Wilkins speakers powered by Classe amps.


Today, music is mostly listened from online services like streaming platforms using mobile phones and portable devices like tablets and etc... Mastering has to be done to fit some special criterias for best sound on these kinds of devices. EA Masters is certified by Apple to prepare Apple Digital Masters (Mastered for iTunes) for the best sounding music on portable and all other modern devices. We also provide you 24 bit PCM master files for today's popular HD music platforms like HDTracks, TIDAL, ProStudioMasters. It is essential to hear how your music will sound after it will be encoded using aac or ogg vorbis codecs while it is still being mastered. While working at EA Masters you will be able to hear all those kinds of variations of your music on many different popular devices.

Remastering; transfering of your music from medias like old tape, DAT, Mini-disc, casette, phonograph, vinyl and restoration of them are services EA Masters give besides standard music mixing and mastering.


You can attend the sessions for all your projects. You can also send your digital files to us via internet and then download the final files again by using the same way.


Mastering is the last step in music production chain so details in mastering is so important! Quality control & proofing of files and parts is being done by care in EA Masters. This is a standard procedure for preparing all Red Book CD, DVD-Audio, digital masters.

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