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Erman Aydöner

His first step to music was playing his toy guitar with wedding orchestras in his very childhood. Then his first step to music technologies was changing the speakers' position and equalizer setup of his family's precious and untouchable stereo for a better sound experience. Recording sounds over his father's favourite cassette records with theirs Sharp stereo's external microphone take him closer to recording business. Thanks to his older brother's favourite records and guitar, he met many different styles of music. At the same time he already started to disturb people by playing guitar and making loud noises. He was jamming with his brother in studios when he was home for holidays. Many years later, in his university times, he discovered the joy of recording arts by attending a recording session of his favourite band. He decided to brake into recording arts.

After starting to live in Ankara he spent some time recording amateur rock bands. Then he started working in one of Turkey's biggest commercial studios. For a long time period he worked as an audio engineer and played a role on many recordings as recording, mixing and mastering engineer. After working at commercial studios, he opened his own studio named EA Masters. After his marriage, he moved to İstanbul in 2016. His book "Müzik Yapımında Mastering" which is the first and only book about mastering written in Turkish was published in 2019. In 2021, his second book "Mastering Hakkında S.S.S." and its English version "FAQ About Mastering" were published. He is also giving courses about audio technologies and recording arts at Deniz Arcak Atölyehane. He worked for many important artists like Sezen Aksu, Zekai Tunca, Dutch Falconi, Vellúa, The Carrie Armitage Quartet, Suavi, AYNA, Erhan Güleryüz, Deniz Arcak, Akın Eldes, Roger Jaeger, Burak King, Enes Batur, Cumhurbaşkanlığı Senfoni Orkestrası, Doğuş, Halil Sezai. He is still working in Lavega Sound and his own studio EA Masters in İstanbul.

Erman Aydöner is a Merging TechnologiesAudio-TechnicaIK MultimediaSommer Cable, iZotope, McDSPbe quiet!, Acustica AudioAccusonus, Crave DSP, EiosisLVC-Audio, MeldaProductionNomad FactoryNugen Audio, Signum Audio, SonarworksSonible, Voxengo endorsed artist.

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